Howzit my bout ? Hope all is well with you in the wild jungle as you single-handly fight kangaroos and tigers, ha.
On a serious note, I hope things are going great with you. I truly enjoyed meeting you and learning about Kruger and its animals from your vast knowledge and experience. You are great man and I can now say I have a good friend in Nelspruit. May God bless you greatly. I hope your spider bite (wrist) is much better by now. I will give you a formal comment about my experience below.
God bless. Jose.
Terry I want to let you know that we returned to the US with more stories about Africa than I ever expected. Your knowledge of the area, which you shared with us while you took us on safari, made the experience come alive. You are a true professional and I appreciate your dedication and commitment to all your guests. You made our group feel as if we were the most important thing and we benefitted from your great hospitality. Thankyou for the humor too, that is the way to tour Africa. Thanks and God bless. Jose Maldonado